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Oh, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! You were doing so well! I was just having a conversation about how easy it would be for you to fix your minor flaws and you do this!

Nooooot happy with a plot explicitly contrasting Peralta doing something actively dangerous and being rewarded for it with a plot about Santiago doing something super normal and having actual negative consequences.

I get that this is a sitcom and I don't have a problem with Peralta's plotline in that regard, because sure, why not, he solves a crime while high out of his mind on sleep-dep, it was funny. But I do have a problem when it's slapped up against Santiago's relatively unexaggerated "told ridiculous lie to boss because of scheduling conflicts between work and planned excursion with boyfriend" plot. Fake dental emergency countered by promise to take her personally to see the dentist? Very sitcom! But not the bit where she confesses the lie to Holt while in the dentist's chair and is then told that she has to have dental surgery anyway because it turns out she did have cavities and she'd caused them herself. That just seems like punishment to me, which is gross, because it didn't even go anywhere! She just...had her cavities filled, which sucked a normal amount. Either ramp it up to eleven until it gets funny again, or don't go there!

It makes it particularly unpleasant to me because she's so damn desperate for Holt's approval. It's weird that the narrative is so unimpressed by this and always wants her to be humiliated in front of him for it, when Peralta has literally called him "Dad," plus he is consistently presented as an excellent cop and human being, and exactly the kind of person whose good opinion is worth having. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Even if Holt is clearly not holding grudges at the end and doesn't mind giving Santiago time off when she doesn't lie about the reason, it doesn't make up for the weirdness of the narrative here.

I'd also rather if we didn't get that plotline at the exact time that Peralta's is being fuelled by his resentment that she has a not-him boyfriend because it pretty much feels like the narrative is punishing her for that too.

Hopefully the show will move on from this soon because it's been better than this in the past so we know it can do it. Just stick to your secret precinct bathrooms and people having drinks together adorably!

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