Lidabet (biggersandwich) wrote,

Fringe Exchange Reveals!

Today is the day of [community profile] fringe_exchange reveals! And if you haven't read all the excellent fics (and the one vid!) from that exchange yet, you should go do it.

I wrote a disgraceful charm (1007 words) for [personal profile] wendelah1
Fandom: Fringe
Relationships: Olivia Dunham/Esther Figglesworth
Summary:Two dames, an insufficient number of guns, and some bad jokes. A Brown Betty fic.

Thanks to maleyka and vampirespider for gently separating me from my adverbs and other betaing. Also thanks to [personal profile] mistfarer for helping me title this, even though I wouldn't let her read it because she hasn't seen the episode yet. (Ilu!)

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Tags: fringe, fringe exchange, my fic, olivia has my heart forever
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