Lidabet (biggersandwich) wrote,

I have been...failing to post. :P

Reading Candace Dorsey's Black Wine and Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms books simultaneously turns out to be really unsettling. They're not quite the same, but somehow the similarities in lanaguage and superficial content (lost strangers who don't know the rules of the places they have ended up interacting with complicated political situations, plus shifting POV/narrative strands) have made them merge in my head. It makes the Ono somewhat more tense if I'm expecting all the completely terrible things that happen in the Dorsey to be just around the corner, for one. (Black Wine is excellent, for the record! But a lot of horrible things happen. Warnings for sexual assault and assorted violence.) Very odd. I always read a million things at once and this generally doesn't happen to me.

Writing is failing to happen, which is irritating. I had one wip that I was very excited about writing, but I'm on a break with the characters in it (the hazards of rpf /o\) and now I'm sulking at everything else. In that spirit, if people want to leave me prompts (more than a single word, you know my fandoms), I'd love to see if that kickstarts anything for me.

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