Lidabet (biggersandwich) wrote,

...there are Sam Gagner for Oilers captain rumours. I love him to distraction, but WHAT? Not that he won't do fine, but they have so many other guys who are either shinier or older? I guess he's a compromise? Who knows? *hands*

Explanations or mutual flailing equally welcome.

Ditto all flailing over PK's continued quest to flirt with everyone and document it for the internet. There needs to be a billion more stories about PK and Carey at Olympics camp NOW. Actually, there needs to be all the Olympics camp fic in general, but PK is the one making it gloriously easy.

Or come whine at me about your wips and stuff. I just finished my big bang draft (because I was avoiding summarising it for my artist, oops), so now I'm poking at my other nine million, and grumbling. LET US ALL LOATHE THE WRITING PROCESS TOGETHER. :P

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Tags: complaining, fucking hell: i have a hockey tag now, writing
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