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killing me softly (Marc-Andre Fleury/Jordan Staal/Kris Letang)

Flower's still whispering in his ear in French when Jordan floats back down to earth. Kris hasn't moved from between his legs. He's watching them, eyes dark and hair all over the place from where Jordan was tugging on it. He looks like he's listening intently to Flower and he likes what he hears. Jordan wants to stroke the curve of his smile, but his arms feel like they're moving through water.

Flower sounds amused and sexy. Jordan doesn't know what he's saying, but he likes the sound of it. Usually when they talk like that, they have a plan. A good plan. Jordan doesn't know if he's up for round three, but Kris leans up to kiss Flower and he's sandwiched amazingly, perfectly, hotly between the two of them, and he can't not try, at least.

"I'm going to die of this," he says blissfully, and then protests when Flower starts laughing too hard to hold him up.

accidental bruises (Erik Johnson/Gabe Landeskog)

Erik says it would have been a secret longer if Gabe posted fewer shirtless selfies, but Gabe maintains that Erik could always have kept his teeth to himself.

post-it notes (Sidney Crosby/Matt Duchene (implied))

It's not that Matt is less organised, he'd just rather stick everything on his phone. He'll probably be fucked if he ever loses it, but he's pretty careful. Sid has a day planner though, apparently to go with his million year old phone. It's carefully updated every single time Brisson calls with yet another toll on Sid's time, and bristles with post-its, added every time Sid's scrawl takes over another page completely.

Sid tries to discard them when he's done, so as to keep the book down to only the size of a small brick, but he's not as careful about where he tosses them and Matt's still finding them in November.

They flutter out of his bags, his golf gear, and once a jacket he'd forgotten Sid had borrowed. Matt usually takes the time to decipher the handwriting just in case, but they never say anything more interesting than 'skate 2pm' or reminders to call media people.

Matt doesn't mind. He's not pathetic enough to keep them, but he likes it when they show up, a reminder in the middle of the season, when hockey seems like it's the only thing in the world, that the summer was real and it's going to happen again.

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