Lidabet (biggersandwich) wrote,

I am the absolute worst at remembering to post when I have things to say, goddamn.

Belated shouting about Worlds: The infinite number of pictures of Taylor Hall making sure he's firmly between Matt Duchene and Jordan Eberle has reminded me that all excuses about Hallsy/Ebs not having sufficient conflict for fic pale under Hallsy's incredible jealousy. Actually, in general, there should be more Worlds fic, especially when people are complaining that the NHL schedule is too tightly regimented to allow for free plotting. I'm just saying.

My memory is terrible in other ways too, sadly. I need to set myself reminders that I actually really like Seanan McGuire's Toby Daye books. Every time I finish one, it takes me a million years to read the next one, and I have no idea why. I like them! Once I start reading them, I finish them incredibly fast. But it takes me a million years to arrange to get the next one out of the library, and then I leave it around the house for weeks before reading it, like it's a chore, rather than something I devour in minutes once given a chance. Also certain terrible people have made me want Toby/Luidaeg, which I didn't see before, but which is ALL OVER An Artificial Night, holy shit. (Yes, I just read it. Yes, I am very behind. See: topic of paragraph.)

This is not a very interesting post, but people should talk to me about these things if they want to anyway? I am mostly trying to get back in the rhythm of remembering how posting worked and actually writing down thoughts instead of vaguely intending to make posts. :/

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