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Okay, Elementaryx04 has redeemed itself pretty thoroughly. Well done, show, admitting that other people besides Sherlock are smart. They telegraphed the "Sherlock's texts are very idiosyncratic!" thing a bit hard, and it would have really brought home how far Joan has gone down this path if the sociopathic secretary had taken two seconds to look at Sherlock's outgoing texts and then tried to imitate them, but done it wrong, but it wasn't bad.

I couldn't take Aaron seriously because he's Jack! From Slings and Arrows! and I kept vaguely expecting him to be high and/or Hamlet. I did like all the stuff where Joan is kind of learning to be a detective, though I would have liked to see a little more explanation of how she realised that it was a lie, even if it was just her rationalising after the fact.

Also her shutting Sherlock's attempts to meddle in her relationships was pretty great. I do love that the show doesn't think being a dick is ooh, amazing, soooooo rebellious. Ditto the secretary just loling at how he costumes himself just as much as the suit-wearers, just to send a different message.

Shades of Harriet Vane in the all important LEAVE A FUCKING NOTE WHEN TALKING TO SUSPECTS department, but at least the show seems to think that it was a dumb thing for him to do? And hey, that means character beats in future eps if he decides to trust Joan enough to leave her copies of his reasoning in case of future kidnappings.

Gregson was also pretty good, well done on the call-back to his offer of a drink in the first(?) ep, and I do love acknowledgements that police procedure isn't all for show and cops aren't necessarily dumb. It makes perfect sense that he ran a background check on Sherlock, and that Gregson may not care, but isn't dumb enough to think that a ex-addict consultant won't be an issue for other people.

Elementary is still hella procedural-esque, but it's shaping up to be a reasonably good one, so I might actually stick around on this one.

Also everyone who told me to read other Elizabeth Wein books because they were less traumatic was only correct in the sense that they were MARGINALLY less traumatic. The protagonist of The Sunbird also gets horribly tortured! Sure, he doesn't get shot by his best friend, but that's not a very high bar to clear! Living to the end of the novel is the least a protagonist can hope for, surely? Of course, I'm going to read more of her books because Wein continues to be a fantastic writer and her attention to historical detail is fucking ace, but I'm just going to go out on a limb here and guess that terrible things probably happen in ALL of them (in amazing, heartbreaking ways, natch.) I do recommend the hell out of The Sunbird, because everything about Wein's historical world-building was great (6th century Africa! how cool is that!) and the narrative is compelling as hell, I'm just saying: brace yourself, she writes gorgeous beautiful books that can rip your heart out at a moment's notice.
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