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Still vaguely watching Elementary. Not sure what I think. The plots are still a bit too straightforward. Surely calling episodes "Child Predator" and having the twist be that it's the child who is the predator is a touch overdone?

I do like that this Sherlock isn't such a dick, though I still want his relationship with Watson to settle a little more. I mean, well done writers for not giving him ALL the as-you-know speeches, but on the other hand, when SHE starts explaining the concept of Stockholm Syndrome to the cops, that still makes her seem socially clueless (the correct point for that speech in the ep if you absolutely HAVE to explain to the audience would be when they're talking to the parents who would have a reason to be disbelieving that it would happen to their baby, and less knowledgeable than the police.)

My dissatisfaction is probably less the fault of the show itself than the fault of the online conflict between Sherlock fans and the people who were looking forward to Elementary before it began: if the show wants to be a straightforward procedural, that's not actually a terrible thing, it's just that there's a reason procedurals don't usually have huge fic-writing fandoms. We'll see how the rest of it shapes up.

More ridiculously, I've also spent the last few days watching all of Oil Change. I admire their attempts to turn two disappointing seasons into an uplifting narrative, but it can be a little silly. As much as I enjoyed a lot of it (mostly the bits everyone has already seen, like Hall/Eberle house tour), I can't get over things like this gem:

where they genuinely try to convince us that Taylor Hall getting a skate to the face in practice was evidence of leadership. Which, no. I'm willing to believe that he is a leader in other ways, but, y'know, not through skates to the face. No one should be following his lead on that.
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