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Why does everyone keep bringing up the fact that pseudophedrine can be cooked down into meth when they talk about Olympic athletes not being able to take it? A) Nicklas Backstrom didn't test positive for meth. B) Meth doesn't make you extra good at sports, so probably athletes are just taking pseudophedrine straight if they are taking it, instead of doing a bunch of chemistry first.

This is a perfectly reasonable thing to bring up if we're discussing why it's a controlled substance in general, but it doesn't actually make anyone's use of allergy medication more suspicious. He's not also running a meth ring, guys! Even if he was, it wouldn't actually make him ineligible to win a medal under the doping rules! (Any other rules, I'm not touching, but he's not running a meth lab, so it doesn't matter.)

...probably I should have some other takeaway from the Olympics than this, but not really, except for being angry on PK Subban's behalf. Also I want fic, but I think everyone knows that, so you should just talk to me about it already. ;)

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