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Korra: S2E3

How is this the slightly older A:tlA? Avatar was a million times more subtle than this.

I'm interested in this plot, but the execution is still leaving me cold. Everything is trope-central instead of organic character growth. It doesn't make sense for Aang to have left his kids all the time! If anything, Aang would definitely be the parent who was always assuming that very young kids could do all the things! Why does everything have to be extremes? Ditto the North-South conflict? This is a lot of invasion and kidnapping! Can't we actually learn things about the internal politics of the Tribes?

And noooooot into these gender roles, damn. Can Korra's mum get ANY kind of character development? Do we even know if she came from the North with Korra's dad, or if he met her in the South? I'm more or less okay with the existence of Korra's cousins, but when our two images of dating are Bolin being totally unhappily dominated, and Mako being kind of a dick (admittedly, he was slightly better in this episode, but I still don't trust the writers to actually grow this into learning the middle way between supportive and offering opinions, even though that would be EXACTLY THE THEME OF THE SHOW.) Or what if we had details about Kya travelling the world to find herself, instead of only returning to her once she's doing a nice traditionally feminine thing and looking after her mum? No one's going to call out Tenzin for telling his sister she needs to settle down, and never ever saying the same thing to Bumi?

I won't stop watching, and parts of it were good, but I'm just so frustrated by all of their character decisions, and I need character to keep me really properly interested.

More cheerfully, holy shit is Ryan O'Reilly ever trying to get back in Matt Duchene's good graces after all that bitterness last season. (To be fair, scoring very pretty goals for the Avs is definitely a proven method for achieving that.) Turns out I would definitely read all of that break-up/make-up fic. I was mostly just amused at the bad blood last season (oh Matty, so many crazy eyes when your team was terrible), but I am super susceptible to how weirdly excited all the media is getting about them being friends again, especially with all of this dredging up of how close they were in their first couple years. The shippiness of the hockey media never ceases to amaze.

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