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I wrote more wingfic. I blame Aria for telling me that Nealer needed to deal with wings from all directions. Also for allowing me to title everything with puns. Love you!

Getting in a Flap (3960 words) by opusculasedfera
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationships: Evgeni Malkin/James Neal
Summary:"He's always like a bird," Duper says, flicking James in the head, "up here." James sulks.

Also I finally managed to finish Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, entirely because it needs to go back to the library tomorrow. I'm still grumpy about the amount of infodumping, but [personal profile] kyriacarlisle was right that at least the last story in the book wasn't unrelentingly bleak. I'm more or less okay with certain kinds of bleakness, like the story about the factory girl with phossy jaw where we all know she's never going to get cured, though that one could also have done with an editor to take a firm hand to entire pages of textbook prose about the Irish Potato Famine, but I just wanted to read about one damn relationship where people didn't love potion each other into friendship or marriage. These turned out to be few and far between. So, uh, warnings for assault, everybody!

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